LifetionCoin is the cryptocurrency, developed by profesional blockchain developers from Seychelles.

LifetionCoin is inherited by the good features of Bitcoin Core and Dash Core. We focus on optimizing transaction fees and transaction speed. LifetionCoin's development aims to create a LifetionCoin real-time payment system for future Malliouhana’s projects as well as the cryptocurrency community.

Our specific development plan will be updated in the Whitepaper from version 2.0.

Make sure you own a valid email address and phone number.

1. Visit the following link: https://portal.cointobanks.com/auth/register?ref=b6bccc4317&pos=right

2. Fill in the information then a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox.

3. Click on the link inside the email to conduct account verification.

4. Deposit BTC / ETH / USDT into your account within 2 days of registration to fully activate your account (otherwise the spam detection system will close your account because we Do not accept virtual accounts on the system).

5. All is ready, start your own LTP mining package right away to earn daily profit and introduce your friends to participate in building the system to earn a commission.

Visit http://portal.cointobanks.com/

Use a valid account and log into the system.

At the main screen click on Security Central.

Under Secure Your Account, click Enable 2FA button.

A screen displaying Secret Code information and QR code is displayed.

You make a backup of the Secret Code and scan the QR code using the Google Authentication or Authy application.

Click Next to continue, then enter the Token Code into this section to complete the Enable 2FA process.

Visit the link http://portal.cointobanks.com/

Click on Balance on the menu, then a screen will show all your balance.

Click on Deposit if you want to make a deposit, an address with QR Code is right in front of you, perform a code scan and choose the amount of money on your wallet, your transaction will be taken when the system receives enough number of confirmations.

Click Withdraw if you want to make a withdrawal, a withdrawal order will be sent to the administrator, the administrator team will execute a withdrawal order for you from the system cold storage (absolutely DO NOT use the address of any ID in Cointobanks system as a withdrawal address because we do not accept this, the destination account will not be credited with a balance, please use outside the system wallet instead).

Click Mining -> select your mining package -> Mine Now -> select Payment method to continue.

Alright, your mining package has been started.

Click Mining -> select your mining package -> Mine Now -> select Payment method to continue.

Alright, your mining package has been started.

Profit is a daily payment that is transferred directly to the LTP wallet on your account, you do nothing. To get LTP profit, start with at least one Mining Package.

Commission receives when the person you refer enters the system that activates the Mining Package, the system will perform a calculation of the commission pair for you immediately, the total amount of commission received will accrue to the commission account of You, claim them to BTC, ETH or USDT.

Currently we are supporting phone wallets on Android platform, we will update on iOS platform as soon as possible.

You can use one account to access all Cointobanks applications.

Select the below Exchange button each COIN on the Balance screen for exchange source.

The next screen will show the converted COIN and number.

Please instantly convert because of no transaction fees.

Paper wallet: visit http://paper.cointobanks.com/

Make 100% random string to spawn a pair of LTP Private / Public Keys.

Use the Public Key to receive LTP from other users and keep the Private Key secret because they are the key for your safe.

Key secret because they are the key for your safe.

To use LTP in Paper Wallet, just import the Private Key into Cool Wallet.

Cool wallet: coming soon

malliouhana logo
Company name: Malliouhana Holdings Limited
Address: Global Gateway 8, Rue De La Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles.
Email: [email protected]

Malliouhana was founded at Global Gateway 8, Rue De La Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles by Dr. Nelson Thomas, the business activities are mainly finance, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency. After a period of operation, our CEO planned to buy back the cryptocurrency market by building a currency with outstanding strength, fast transaction speed, maximum saving in transaction fees, easy to apply to payment platforms.

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